1940's style Plaid Work Blouse

Adorable 1940's style Plaid Work Shirt -- This retro blouse is so"Rosie the Riveter"!  It features pleases that radiate down from the front yoke over the bust line and cute puffed sleeves.  Classic 1940's style pointed collar and it has  finished slits on the sides at the hem line so that you can wear it out if you choose.

This cutie is the absolute perfect complement for vintage or retro jeans and a must have wardrobe staple!

Made of a cotton blend in the UK  


 Size Chart

Size bust waist length
4 US--(8 UK) 32  
6 US--(10 UK) 34    
8 US--(12 UK) 36    
10 US--(14 UK)  38  
12 US--(16 UK) 40
14 US--(18UK) 42